Delivery methods:

  1.        Customer pickup from the stores "Ženēva" - free delivery regardless of the purchase amount.

Customer Select the place of receipt of the goods:

- shop "Ženēva" in the shopping center Mols, Krasta iela 46, Riga

- shop "Ženēva" in the shopping center AKROPOLE Alfa, Brīvības gatve 372, Riga

- shop "Ženēva", Tērbates iela 9/11, Riga

- service center “Ženēva serviss”, Lāčplēša iela 48, Riga

When your purchase is delivered to the store, you will receive a notification on the mobile phone and email, that was specified during the ordering process. Upon receipt of the goods, you need to provide the order number and present an identity document. If you want another person to pick up the order, indicate him as a recipient in the comment.

  1.       Delivery to Omniva, Venipak, DPD parcel machines in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Free shipping on purchases over 100 euros. A delivery fee is charged on goods, that are worth less than 100 euros:

-          within Latvia: 3.00 EUR

-          to Lithuania: 7,00 EUR

-          to Estonia: 7,00 EUR

Select the pick-up location: choice from the list of parcel terminals

When your purchase is delivered to the Omniva parcel machine, you will receive a notification on the mobile phone or on e-mail specified, when placing the order. You will be able to take out the package within 7 days after receiving the notification. On the screen of the terminal, click a "Receive a parcel" button and enter the code, that you received on your mobile phone or on e-mail.

  1.             Delivery by courier to your specified address in Latvia.

When delivering goods worth less than 100 euros, a delivery fee will be charged:

-          within Latvia6,00 EUR

-          to Lithuania: 9,00 EUR

-          to Estonia9,00 EUR


When delivering goods worth more than 100 euros, a delivery fee will be charged:

-          within Latvia3,00 EUR

-          to Lithuania: 5,00 EUR

-          to Estonia5,00 EUR


To arrange delivery, indicate the exact delivery address and additional information for the courier (entrance code, office number, etc.), as well as the phone number by which the courier can contact the recipient.

The courier has the right to ask the recipient to present an identity document (passport, ID-card, driver's license). The recipient, in the presence of the courier, must make sure that the goods have been received in accordance with the order.

  1.       International delivery to the countries of the European Union

If international shipping is required please mark in the comments.

International shipping is possible, for which a separate invoice will be issued.

For delivery questions, you can contact us by e-mail: and by phone 67331151.