JET Ltd. sells its goods in the online shop ZENEVA.LV, and the Buyer buys the following goods in accordance with the terms of the distance agreement.

The Seller JET Ltd.  provides a warranty for the goods sold in the online shop  ZENEVA.LV - 2 years (for Cover and Swiss Military by Chrono watches - 5 years), counting from the date of sale of each product specified in the purchase document. The warranty covers product defects caused by the manufacturer. Normal wear and tear of the product or changes in its properties is not considered a defect.

If a manufacturing defect is found, then the warranty repair is free. Warranty repairs are made within 30 days (depending on the degree of complexity). If it is not possible to repair the product, it will be replaced with an equivalent one or refunded. We reserve the right to independently assess the possibility of repairs, product replacement or refund. Please note that the warranty is only valid if the Buyer has followed the rules for using and caring for the product. In any case, you will need to make an independent examination in order to establish compliance with the terms of warranty repair - a manufacturing defect or the result of misuse. And after receiving the examination certificate, provide it to the Seller in support of Your legal requirements.

We do not perform free warranty repairs if:

1. Defects in the product appeared as a result of careless handling or misuse;

2. Defects appeared due to improper cleaning and / or storage;

3. It will be found that You have tried to repair the products yourself without our permission.

The warranty is invalid, if the Buyer has not provided documents confirming the purchase of goods in the online shop ZENEVA.LV

If the damage has not been justified and / or there’s damage for which the warranty does not apply, all costs associated with the goods transportation to the service center, diagnostics and repairs, the Buyer pays at his own expense.

If, within 30 days after the notification of the completed repair of the goods, the Buyer didn’t collect the goods, then the Seller has the right not to store the goods and dispose of them.

When accepting the goods, the Buyer must check the quality and condition of the goods. Quality claims (scratches, breakages or other forms of damage as a result of the transportation of the product or other actions after the receipt of the goods by the Buyer) after collecting the goods from the Seller will not be accepted.


Return of goods

The right to withdrawal purchases in the online shop ZENEVA.LV is regulated by the Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Nr. 207 "Rules on distance contracts".

According to the regulations, the Buyer has the right to withdrawal from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the goods to the Seller. In case of returning the goods, the Seller returns the cost of the goods to the Buyer. The goods can be returned only in complete set and in the original packaging (provided that the goods were not in use and their presentation and consumer properties were preserved, the goods and packaging have their original presentation, the packaging and labels are preserved). From the moment of using the goods, the Buyer confirms that the goods correspond to the ordered ones and cannot be returned.

The 11th paragraph of  Section 12 of the Law of the Republic of Latvia "The consumer shall be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods." and JET Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the Buyer to use the right to withdrawal purchases if the product has been used and / or damaged, if it is not in its original packaging or the packaging is significantly damaged.

In case of withdrawal, the purchase price (without delivery) will be transferred to the account from which the payment was received within 15 calendar days from the date of return of goods.

Withdrawing, the money for the delivery and return shipment of the goods to the Buyer is not compensated.

For the prompt and effective resolution of problems related to the return of goods and the warranty, please contact us via e-mail info@zeneva.lv

* Descriptions of goods and images in the ZENEVA.LV online shop are for informational purposes only. Prices and products offered in the ZENEVA.LV online shop are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee the complete accuracy of the information available.